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As the CEO of BluPrint Worldwide Inc, Bwana Thurman is a renowned financial and professional development trainer, business consultant, success coach, and relationship marketing expert. With a strong passion for empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds, Bwana also founded Momentum Training, a leading personal development and corporate training company, committed to helping people achieve success and balance in every aspect of their lives.


I'm Vince, and I'm eager to share the incredible influence Mr. Bwana Thurman...founder of BluPrint Worldwide has had on my life. About four years back, I found inspiration during an event where Mr. Thurman's wisdom deeply resonated with me. His words, "The quickest way to building wealth is by getting out of debt," ignited a fire within me. I took the plunge into personalized coaching, and within just eight months, my wife and I triumphed over a daunting $40,000 debt, all thanks to Mr. Thurman's relentless support. He equipped me not only with financial fundamentals and effective budgeting techniques, but also instilled a profound shift in my money mindset. Mr. Thurman's guidance underscored the significance of debt-free living as the ultimate route to wealth creation. With consistent one-on-one sessions, he held me accountable, ensuring I stayed true to my goals. Today, I'm not only debt-free, but I've also harnessed these financial teachings to venture into real estate investing, a path I couldn't have explored without his mentorship. Mr. Thurman's impact on my financial journey is immeasurable, and I'll forever be grateful for the transformation he's sparked in me.