Become a coach with BluPrints Educational Program

We empower a national team of financial wellness champions with the resources, training, and opportunities to effectively support others in their communities to work toward greater financial security. We are creating a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions and confidently take effective financial action that best helps them meet their basic human needs and moves them toward fulfilling their personal, family, and global community goals.

What We Offer

a) Empowerment- Mobilize, develop, & empower community champions.
b) Independence- Unbiased financial wellness resources that set industry standards.
c) Leadership- Spearhead financial wellness via advocacy, awareness, & partnerships.

You want to make a difference in people’s financial lives, but you need guidance and resources to support your vision. That’s where we come in.

We are making a difference in our community’s. Individuals and organizations around the globe have mobilized to tackle the financial illiteracy epidemic; yet most of them still lack the financial education resources, support, and guidance they need to make a meaningful difference.

Until recently, if you wanted to make a real impact on the financial capabilities of your community’s citizens, you’ve faced significant barriers. Materials had to be created and tested, personnel needed to be located or trained, outreach and business models had to be constructed. Even when all the steps are completed successfully, many programs have problems with scaling, due to a high cost per impact and insufficient data documentation. We changed that situation and we would love to have you join us and make a difference around the world!