Lolitha Yvonne Terry embodies excellence in every endeavor she has been a part of. She has been an exceptional executive administrative assistant, distinguished by her astute decision-making in uncharted realms. Her meticulous document preparation is underpinned by her role as a dedicated researcher. With a rich history at Emory University spanning a decade, she champions operational excellence. As the visionary founder of her Virtual Assistant Business, Lolitha blends innovation with meticulous research, delivering premier virtual support. In 2019, her leadership gave rise to THE NVEA Business and Solutions Group, a testament to her ability to galvanize a community of executive support professionals. Noteworthy as Senior VP at XIXI NOW, LLC, her operational finesse shone. She orchestrated high-profile sponsorships with giants like the Chicago Bears and Bulls during her tenure as VP of Member Services and Sponsorships at The Black Chamber of Commerce Illinois. Lolitha's military service and her Senior Manager role at Legalshield underscore her multifaceted prowess. An accomplished trader, author, and speaker, she radiates excellence across all her pursuits and we are so blessed to have her on BluPrints executive team.