As CEO of BluPrint Worldwide Inc, Bwana Thurman is a renowned financial and professional development trainer, business consultant, success coach, and relationship marketing expert. He also founded Momentum Training, a leading personal development and corporate training company, dedicated to empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve success and balance in all aspects of life.
Bwana's journey began at Morehouse College, where he graduated at the top of his class with an honors degree in Business Administration, specializing in Finance. At 21, he entered the Network Marketing industry, a pivotal experience contributing to his accomplishments. Through perseverance and growth, he owned multiple multi-million dollar businesses before age 32, with revenues exceeding tens of millions.

Dedicated to supporting the military community, BluPrint offers financial assistance programs and tailored resources.

With over two decades of global sales force experience, Bwana is a top producer and award recipient, attributing his success to teamwork. BluPrint Worldwide Inc, under his visionary leadership, aims to combat financial illiteracy globally.

BluPrint's mission, driven by Bwana's dedication, empowers individuals from all backgrounds to achieve financial independence. Their inclusive approach creates a community of informed and empowered individuals, fostering a financially secure future for all.

Bwana Thurman, as BluPrint's CEO, inspires global financial knowledge and freedom, providing a platform for others to attain total success and make financial empowerment accessible worldwide.